Travels and Sweet Surprises

Travel is life!

Travelling to places and collecting keepsakes have been our thing until the pandemic made our travelling life to a halt.
But, don't let the COVID stop the fun. Think of the memories of what has been and what will be by making personalized ref magnets, mugs, souvenir shirts made by Papermints. These will inspire you to travel to your dream destination, and make new memorable adventures in the future.

Yet, Surprises are sweet, and it is sweeter if they are meant exclusively for us. We will always cherish what is ours. Let him or her remember you every time they hug the pillow or stuffed toy that is made especially and specially for them.

Papermints will craft with you to make your sweet surprise the sweetest surprise.

Prepare your bucket lists, and Papermints will help you prepare your keepsakes!


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